Supporting Scholars, Bridging Cultures


Supporting Scholars, Bridging Cultures

The American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS) is a non-profit educational organization that supports the development of Mongolian Studies and academic exchanges with Inner Asia.


Visit Mongolia

With the lowest population density of any country on earth, Mongolia has plenty of room to explore. We can help with:

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Our office in Ulaanbaatar offers a variety of fellowships and programs for emerging scholars including:

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Mongolian Studies

Our main office in Ulaanbaatar includes a Research Library with the largest collection of international scholarship on Mongolia in the country. We also offer:

Recent News

Соёлын Өв- Цуврал Хэлэлцүүлэг: Музейн сан хөмрөгийн бүрэлдэхүүн,  цуглуулгын үнэ цэнжүүлэлт

Хэзээ: 2021 оны 3 сарын 11-ний өдөр (Пүрэв гаригт)  Үргэлжлэх хугацаа: 10:00-13:00 цаг  Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 878 9426 3218 Passcode: 056816 Фэйсбүүк эвент холбоос: Жич: Зүүм ...
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The Online Intensive Mongolian Language Program is accepting applications!

ACMS invites students, faculty, and other interested persons to participate in an eight-week Online Intensive Mongolian Language Program from June 7 to August 6, 2021. The purpose of this program ...
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Open Enrollment for (Session 1) Online Mongolian Studies Courses of ACMS MFS 2021

Due to travel restrictions that prevent Field School courses in Mongolia, the American Center for Mongolian Studies is developing a new offering, the ACMS Online Mongolian Studies courses, that will ...
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Recent Research Notes

Cross-Lingual Captioning of Mongolian and English Video Contents, Pt I

Author: Natso Baatarkhuu, Communications Coordinator of ACMS | The ACMS UB Office has been holding biweekly public lectures in English since 2004 with minimal intermissions. While this is our flagship …

Cross-Lingual Captioning of Mongolian and English Video Contents, Pt I Read More »

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Ethnoarchaeology of Mongolian Hide and Fiber Crafts

Author: Kristen Pearson  |  Mongolia is one of the few places in the world with environmental conditions favorable to the long-term preservation of organic materials, such as textile, leather, and wood.
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Ikh Nart: An Archaeological Treasure Trove

Author: Blake Epstein  |  Looking at the linguistic landscape of Mongolia enhances our knowledge about Mongolians’ use of language and literacy in their daily lives.
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