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Pictured Above are the ACMS Staff (left to right): N. Baatarkhuu, David Dettmann, T. Tuvshinzaya, Tricia Turbold, T. Tsermaa, Charles Krusekopf, B. Baigalmaa, T. Gantungalag.  Learn more about our Staff

The American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS) is a private, non-profit educational organization that supports academic projects and exchanges in Mongolia and the Inner Asian region, which includes Mongolia and the neighboring areas of China, Russia and Central Asia.

The ACMS represents a consortium of over 40 academic institutions active in the field of Mongolian Studies in North America, and includes more than 300 individual student and scholar members. The ACMS supports scholars working in all fields of study related to Mongolia, and serves as a central meeting place for Mongolian and international academics. It maintains a US office in the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and regularly sponsors Mongolian Studies events in the United States and Canada. Since its founding, the ACMS has provided more than $2.4 million in support of Mongolian Studies programs, including field research and academic exchange fellowships to more than 100 scholars from Mongolia and other countries. The ACMS has hosted almost 200 Speaker Series events and dozens of academic conferences and workshops.

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The ACMS Center

The ACMS Center is our main office in Ulaanbaatar and is located at the Natsagdorj Ulaanbaatar City Library on Seoul Street, It includes a Research Library collection of almost 5,000 English language books on Mongolia for use by international and Mongolian scholars and has a staff of 6 employees. The ACMS Research Library is the largest collection of international scholarship on Mongolia in the country, and is open to researchers from all countries. The ACMS representative office supports a variety of programs, including a fellowship program for Mongolian and international scholars conducting field research in Mongolia and abroad, a regular Speaker Series that highlights current academic research projects, workshops and training for Mongolian scholars and institutions, a summer Mongolian language program for visiting scholars, study tours, and academic research projects in a variety of fields including the documentation and preservation of Mongolia’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Supporting Scholars, Bridging Cultures

The ACMS operates a full range of program offerings to increase Americans’ knowledge of Inner Asia and the Mongolian language, and to support mutually beneficial academic research and exchange. To support visiting scholars and academic groups in Mongolia, the ACMS offers logistic and information services, tour planning and research assistance. The ACMS runs a bi-weekly speaker series in Ulaanbaatar and regularly sponsors or coordinates academic conferences in the country. In the US, the ACMS works with member institutions to develop academic conferences, guest lectures, and public outreach programs.

Sabri Bromage

"I have been a member of ACMS for approximately 6 years. ACMS staff and fellows, and the resources that they and ACMS as a whole provide have been indispensable to my research and life in Mongolia. Aside from professional aspects, ACMS also has provided social events, wonderful friends, and a strong sense of family. In my experience there does not exist another institution of this kind in Mongolia at least not one of such a high caliber...’’

Sabri Bromage

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Program Director for Nutritional Epidemiology, Mongolian Health Initiative NGO Sabri
Chisato Fukuda

"ACMS has been instrumental to my academic career and Mongolia experience. From logistical assistance, language training, research funding, moral support, to social networking opportunities, ACMS found ways to bolster my experience beyond research, and provided me with opportunities for professional development and community involvement. I’m eternally grateful for their unwavering support throughout the years. I will always consider ACMS my home-base in Ulaanbaatar...’’

Chisato Fukuda

Medical Anthropologist | Qualitative Researcher, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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