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Join the ACMS and support academic research and scholarship in Mongolian Studies.

Members are an important part of the governance of the organization. Membership serves two primary purposes in the ACMS.

  1. Members have voting rights to elect “At-Large” representatives of the Board of Directors for individual and student members;
  2. Members have rights to nominate a representative on the Board of Directors for institutional members.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization, and it has complete authority over all programs and activities. Members, both individual and institutional, therefore have a direct stake in the future development of the organization.

Forming a Community

Members also strengthen the organization by officially participating in a community of scholars, researchers, students, and other people interested in Inner Asia Area Studies. A large membership base is a strong demonstration of the need for increased public and private funding for academic programs in this fascinating region of the world. Membership is open to individuals, corporations, and institutions that support the ACMS’s mission of promoting scholarship in Mongolia. Membership is offered on an annual basis at the following rates:

  • $20 for Students
  • $40 for Individuals
  • $200 for Institutional Members
  • ₮30000 for Mongolian Citizens (Student & Individual)

All dues go directly toward supporting the activities of the ACMS in Mongolia. As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, academic organization, membership dues and other donations paid to the ACMS are tax deductible in the United States, to the extent allowed by IRS regulations.

"Members are a crucial element of the ACMS and its future growth. Membership dues provide funds for supporting various center activities, and a large membership pool demonstrates the rationale for increased public support of Mongolia Studies and discipline-based research in Mongolia.’’

Charles Krusekopf

Charles Krusekopf, Professor of Business, Royal Roads University, and ACMS Associate Director
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