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2018 Holidays

2018/01/01 Monday New Year’s Day USA/Mongolian
2018/01/15 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday USA
2018/02/14 Wednesday Lunar New Year* Mongolian
2018/01/15 Thursday Lunar New Year* Mongolian
2018/01/16 Friday Lunar New Year* Mongolian
2018/02/19 Monday Washington’s Birthday USA
2018/03/08 Monday International Women’s Day Mongolian
2018/05/28 Monday Memorial Day USA
2018/06/01 Friday Mother & Child Day Mongolian
2018/07/04 Wednesday 4th of July USA
2018/07/09 Monday Nadaam National Holiday Mongolian
2018/07/10 Tuesday Nadaam National Holiday Mongolian
2018/07/11 Wednesday Nadaam National Holiday Mongolian
2018/07/12 Thursday Nadaam National Holiday Mongolian
2018/07/13 Friday Nadaam National Holiday Mongolian
2018/09/03 Monday Labor Day USA
2018/10/08 Monday Columbus Day USA
2018/11/12 Monday Veteran’s Day USA
2018/11/22 Thursday Thanksgiving Day USA
2018/11/26 Monday National Independence Day  Mongolian
2018/12/25 Friday Christmas Day USA
2018/12/31 Friday Substitute Day of National Freedom & Independence Day, Dec 29th Mongolian

Upcoming Events

  1. ACMS Speaker Series – Kristen Pearson

    December 18 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm