Zolzaya Munkhtseren, Dr

  • zoozoo_1978@yahoo.com

  • Dr, Head of Department of Cultural Studies,
    Institute of Culture and Arts Studies,
    Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture

  • http://msuac.edu.mn/

She graduated bachelor degree of philosophy in 1999, M.Phil degree at Mongolian Academy of Sciences and Ph.D degree from Mongolian National University in 2007. Her dissertation was on the specifics of morality value of XIII-XIV century Mongols (history of ethics). She has published most on: history of Mongolian ethics; theory of ethics; social morality; business ethics. Her publications are article -32; paper -23; textbook and handbook-5; chapter and paragraph of joint works -5; monograph -2.


  • History of Mongolian ethics
  • History of Mongolian philosophical thinking
  • Mongolian traditional and modern value