Winners in Young Mongols Writing Contest awarded

The Young Mongols writing competition award ceremony was held at the ACMS Office today. The winners based in Ulaanbaatar have been invited to the ACMS Office on July 27, along with the judges who are based in Mongolia. Judges Oyungerel TsedevdambaShuudertsetseg, Bayasgalan Batsuuri, and Oyunchimeg Dash were invited to personally award the winners.

The winners awarded today were:

Short fiction (in Mongolian):
– Buyanbat Khishignyam, “Дүү минь хэдийн мэдчихсэн байсан юм билээ”(Youth Category)
– Enkh-Üjin Erdenebaatar, “Дурсамж” (Youth Category)
– Ölziikhishig Myagmarsüren, “Дахиад л…” (Youth Category)
– Ariunzul Erdenebat, “Богд хааны ордны музей”

Сreative nonfiction (in Mongolian):
– Nomin-Erdene Törmönkh, “‘G’ хорооллын жижигхэн охин”

The highlight of the ceremony was the speeches made for the winners by the judges, who volunteered their time for the selection.

The English/Mongolian writing competition, co-organized by Young Mongols and the American Center for Mongolian Studies – ACMS, received 247 entries in the categories of fiction, nonfiction, and essay. The submissions were anonymized and qualified by the organizers. Then the remaining submissions were judged in two rounds by eight judges over two months, and ten winners were selected at the end.

As the remaining winners are not currently based in Ulaanbaatar, they will be sent the prize monies and certificates internationally:

Short fiction (in English):
– Mashbayar Tögsbayar, “One October night in 2017, 9000 kilometers away from home, a Mongolian girl paces around her room at 4am.”
– Yanjinlkham Ariunbold, “Whether we knew it or not, my brother and I grew up counting how many of our dad’s fingers were on the steering wheel.” (Youth Category)
– Tsogtbaatar Otgonbaatar, “Again”

Essay (in English):
– Dorjjantsan Ganbaatar, “Chapter I: Pride”

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