Sabri Bromage
Sabri BromageDoctoral Candidate, Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Program Director for Nutritional Epidemiology, Mongolian Health Initiative NGO Sabri
‘’I have been a member of ACMS for approximately 6 years. ACMS staff and fellows, and the resources that they and ACMS as a whole provide (including extensive networking advice and opportunities, the library, translation services, visa assistance, language training, and logistics) have been indispensable to my research and life in Mongolia. They have also opened up opportunities for research and projects that I would not have otherwise had, including funding and otherwise assisting several interns of mine to conduct in-country research in Mongolia. Aside from professional aspects, ACMS also has provided social events, wonderful friends, and a strong sense of family. In my experience there does not exist another institution of this kind in Mongolia (i.e. a bilateral organization which foster research exchanges and excellent in-country assistance to visiting researchers, not only from the U.S. but also other countries), at least not one of such a high caliber. I believe the ACMS plays an important role in the overall relationship between Mongolia and the U.S. and I hope the government will continue to appreciate the value of this institution going forward. Thank you.’’
Chisato Fukuda
Chisato FukudaMedical Anthropologist | Qualitative Researcher, University of Wisconsin-Madison
‘’ACMS has been instrumental to my academic career and Mongolia experience. From logistical assistance, language training, research funding, moral support, to social networking opportunities, ACMS found ways to bolster my experience beyond research, and provided me with opportunities for professional development and community involvement. I’m eternally grateful for their unwavering support throughout the years. I will always consider ACMS my home-base in Ulaanbaatar.’’
Paul MillsPh.D. (University of New England), Chief Executive Officer at English World LLC
‘’ ACMS has been very helpful to me in undertaking my Ph.D at the University of New England Australia. First, ACMS has a very knowledgeable staff, well able to assist a visiting scholar, for example on visa issues. Second, Mongolia is a difficult environment if you don’t speak Mongolian, especially when you speak to Government officials, such as the police, who generally don’t speak English. ACMS has very good training capacity in the Mongol language. Third, I love the library. It is a very good library in its own right, and there few English language libraries in Mongolia, and most Mongolian libraries don’t let you browse, unlike the ACMS library where you can browse to your hearts content. The Center has many old books you won’t find on the net! I also find the Center’s speaker series stimulating, and the speakers frequently open my mind to different disciplines and ideas. The Center’s location in the heart of the city is also really great with lots of shops and good cheap restaurants within easy walking distance. It is also a cozy central place to work away when winter is doing its worst!’’

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