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Tal Liron


My current work in progress, titled “Telescopic Nationalism,” is a study of cultural nationalism in contemporary Mongolia under the rubric of ideology, and more specifically its conceptions and framing in/of time and space. It is based on a multi-sited 2-year fieldwork project completed in 2013-2014 that included research on 1) efforts to revive the Mongolian classical script, especially by calligraphers and artists; 2) Buddhist nationalism and evangelism, including non-Mongolian-Tibetan denominations and New Age variants (vegetarianism, yoga), large-scale national and private projects, as well as the Shugden controversy and status of the Dalai Lama; and 3) Naadam as a national spectacle and communal ritual.


  • Ideology
  • Nationalism
  • Postsocialism
  • Calligraphy
  • Buddhism
  • Shugden
  • Naadam
  • Anthropology

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