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The ACMS offers the convenient service of procuring items and arranging services, such as cellular phones and hotel bookings, in advance of your arrival in Mongolia. Build your “survival kit” by selecting items from the list below. Your kit will be available upon your arrival either at the ACMS office or at the airport if you choose to have an ACMS representative pick you up. ACMS Members receive discounted rates on all items. In order to ensure that your survival kit is ready in time, make your purchases at least 10 days (for apartments at least 30 days) before your scheduled arrival in Mongolia. In addition, special requests can be made using the “Special Order Payment Field” below. The ACMS will provide you with an invoice by e-mail or mail in order to complete such transactions.

Pre-Arrival Services

An ACMS representative can meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel or apartment. Chinggis Khan International Airport is about 10 miles southwest of downtown Ulaanbaatar. The prices below include the price of the taxi and the time required for the ACMS representative to travel to and from the airport.

Members: $35
Non-Members: $40

The ACMS can locate and negotiate a lease for an apartment on your behalf. Renting an apartment is recommended if you intend to stay longer than a few weeks in Ulaanbaatar. For general pricing information click here. The prices below include the administrative costs of locating an apartment, negotiating the terms of the lease on your behalf, and providing intermediary services during the term of the lease per apartment. If you are seeking more than one apartment, please enter the number of apartments in the quantity field of the ordering form.

Member: $40
Non-Member: $55

The ACMS can make reservations in advance of your arrival for a variety of local hotel and travel services. The prices below are for individuals. If you are travelling in a group, please enter the number of people in the quantity field of the shopping cart and click the “Update Cart” button. If you have questions about accommodations please contact The ACMS will work with you to find the services, whether in Ulaanbaatar or in the countryside, that best fit your needs and budget.

Members: $8
Non-Members: $13

The ACMS can hire and arrange contracts for private cars and translator/guides during your stay. The prices below represent the administrative cost of arranging these services, and as such does not include the price of the services themselves. The ACMS will assist you negotiating these prices either prior to or after your arrival depending on your instructions. If you have questions about the hiring process please contact The ACMS will work with you to find the services, whether in Ulaanbaatar or in the countryside, that best fit your needs and budget.

Private car rentals include a driver. Translator rates vary by language skill level.

Members: $10
Non-Members: $20

This map includes major landmarks, government buildings, large businesses, foreign embassies, streets, and outlying districts. It includes a smaller environmental map of Mongolia.

Members: $5
Non-Members: $5

Cellular phones in Mongolia utilize the SIM card system (popular in Europe) which is pay-as-you-go and does not require lengthy or expensive service contracts. The prices below include the cost of the phone, service activation (phone number), and start-up calling units (minutes). You can make and receive international calls from your phone by purchasing international units (minutes) separately.

Cellular Phone Purchase (Nokia)
Includes SIM Card, service activation, and 2,500 start-up units (about 30 minutes). Recommended for visits longer than 2 months.
Member: $70
Non-Member: $90

Cellular Phone Rental (Nokia) Includes 1,000 start up units (about 14 minutes). Convenient for short term visits. Note: Enter the number of weeks in the quantity field.
Member: $10 per week
Non-Member: $15 per week

Additional calling units (minutes) can be purchased after you arrive from the numberous phone card sellers in Ulaanbaatar. However, if you wish to have extra units, especially for making international calls, these can be included in your purchase or rental of a cellular phone.

Domestic Units (42 Minutes)
Members: $3
Non-Members: $5

International Units (10 minutes)
Members: $3
Non-Members: $5

Send template designs to in a seperate e-mail. The title and contact information you provide in English will be translated into Mongolian and printed on the back of each card utilizing your template. All business cards are:

  • Double-sided in English and Mongolian
  • Best with templates from your home institution

100 Business Cards
Members: $15
Non-Members: $20

250 Business Cards
Members: $30
Non-Members: $35

There are several Mongolian to English and English to Mongolian dictionaries available in Mongolia. The two blue-covered, paperback dictionaries edited by Altangerel Damdinsuren are reasonably priced and provide concise translations with several examples. Note that these are seperate dictionaries offering translations in opposite directions.


  • A Modern Mongolian-English Dictionary (Edited by Altangerel Damdinsuren)
  • English-Mongolian Dictionary (Edited by Altangerel Damdinsuren)

Members: $20
Non-Members: $25

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