Logistical support for students and scholars once they have arrived in Mongolia.

The fees described in the list below are representative of ACMS service fees. For major services, program fees will be negotiated on a case by case basis. These fees only include the ACMS service fee, and do not include the actual costs incurred, such as hiring drivers, permits fees, and other direct costs. Services may be paid for online using dollars or in person at the ACMS office in dollars or tugriks. For more information about preparing for a short or extended stay in Mongolia, visit the Pre-Arrival Services page.

Services Members Non-Members
Bookings (hotels, trains, airplanes, etc) per person $8 $13
Locating a guide/translator $10 $20
Locating a driver and car $10 $20
Pick-up from Airport $35 $40
Pick-up from Train Station $15 $20
Library / Office Fee Services Members Non-Members
English language translation-editing $12/page $15/page
Mongolian language translation-editing $12/page $15/page
Photocopier – first five pages per day FREE 100₮/page
Photocopier – more than five pages per day 50₮/page 100₮/page
Laser Printer – first five pages per day FREE 100₮/page
Laser Printer – more than five pages per day 100₮/page 100₮/page
Inkjet Color Printer – first five pages per day 500₮/page 1000₮/page
Inkjet Color Printer – more than five pages per day 850₮/page 1000₮/page
Internet Usage – up to one hour per day FREE 1000₮/page
Internet Usage – more than one hour per day 500₮/page 1000₮/page
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Other Available Equipment

  • White Board
  • LCD Projector
  • Laptop Computer
  • Digital Camera
  • Cellphones
  • Flashdrives

Contact us for more information on the use of these supplies.

The ACMS is a not-for-profit, academic organization registered in the US and Mongolia. The ACMS is classified as a 501 (c) 3 organization by the IRS. All merchandise and services are offered to facilitate the research work and studies of member and non-member students and scholars. Service fees are used to help cover the costs of the administrative and material expenses associated with providing academic support services.

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