Language Lesson

International Study Programs

Mongolian Study Programs

  • The National University of Mongolia (NUM) coordinates the International Summer School of Mongolian Language and Culture that offers five 2-week sessions of intensive Mongolian language training. Foreign students can also direct enroll in the NUM for a semester or academic year.

Mongolian Language Schools

  • Santis Language Center specializes in programs that are tailored to individual students in a one to one or small group instructional setting. All courses are designed by Santis language coordinators to meet the students particular objectives in the language. The curriculum takes into account their interests and requirements. The length and schedule of the class are also determined by the students’ needs and personal demands. The students buy the number of hours they would like and then use them in the schedule that is most convenient to them. For more information visit
  • The Prime Bridge School offers a variety of courses from the beginning to advanced levels. Its primary textbook for non-Mongolian students is the “Сайн Байна уу?” language books. Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO) volunteers are often trained at the bridge school during their pre-service training.
  • The Mostaert Center offers a library of books and study area for students within its larger Catholic center. Students can study in groups or individually. Full time study is 15 hours a week for 22 weeks, part time study is also available. For more information contact (976) 11-354463.