This program has been discontinued in 2017. The information below is for record purposes only.

Books for MongoliaThe ACMS is the largest provider of English language books in Mongolia.

As a partner with the Asia Foundation, we’re committed to connecting Mongolian institutions with some of the world’s best information resources. We reach nearly 500 institutions annually, including schools, universities, non-governmental organizations, and policy-making institutions throughout the country, including remote areas. Since 1993, the program has put one million books, ranging from children’s picture books to university textbooks, into the hands of students and leaders in Mongolia.

In October 2013 the ACMS became the managing entity for the Asia Foundation’s Books for Asia – Books for Mongolia program. The ACMS and Books for Asia is committed to connecting Mongolian institutions with high-quality material from some of the world’s best information resources. When the Asia Foundation first started in Mongolia in 1990, Books for Asia responded to the critical need for English-language reading material by donating publications that were not yet available in the country. Since then, the program has provided more than half a million books, donated by leading U.S. publishers, to a wide variety of Mongolian institutions in Mongolia’s most far-flung corners.

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Under it’s partnership with the Asia Foundation, the ACMS manages the distribution of these books and connects the program to an expanded librarian training program. The ACMS and the Asia Foundation work together to further promote the use of English academic and non-academic language books through special events, social media as well as encourage the use of open education resources.

Recent Donations

In February 2014, the ACMS began the distribution of the first shipment of the Books for Mongolia program. Since then, donations have been made to over 500 schools, universities, libraries and public organizations. In total the ACMS has donated over 100,000 books to across all 21 Aimags. Some of the noteworthy donations went to the Institute of Finance and Economics, the National Legal Library, the University of Khovd. A special book donation was made to the Mother’s and Children’s hospital of Mongolia, where a new children’s reading room was created.

“These donations have been deeply appreciated by the Mongolian people.”
–Mr. Ts. Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia

The majority of these books are elementary-level English books for local schools and libraries, with about 30% of the shipment being medical texts for the Mongolian National University of Medical Science and its four satellite universities, local hospitals and government treatment facilities. Also nearly 1000 legal texts are being donated to the National Law Library of Mongolia.

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