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Paweł Szczap

I am a Mongolist with special interest in connections between language, culture and modern social processes. Before I researched modern Mongolian nationalism (BA) and its presence in hip-hop culture as well as the cultural impact of mining (MA) and the connection between mining and urbanization. My current research is centered around place names and space in Ulaanbaatar. I am interested in spatial cognition traits in language, the visual and sonic dimensions of the city, Ulaanbaatar place names, the concept of the Mongolian City, the city as nutag and more. Currently I am developing The Ulaanbaatar Studies Project – an initiative aiming at providing resources on Ulaanbaatar and integrating scholars conducting research on Mongolia’s capital.


  • Ulaanbaatar Studies
  • Ulaanbaatar Toponyms (Place Names)
  • Visual Code of Ulaanbaatar
  • Ulaanbaatar Soundscape
  • Mongolian City
  • Khot Nutag
  • Urbanization
  • Cognitive Mapping
  • Hip-Hop

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