Over 500 Books Donated by ACMS Member, Blake Epstein

Thanks to the generous donation from our wonderful member Blake Epstein, ACMS was able to distribute over 500 English-language academic books to schools located in Mongolia. ACMS identified ten schools that follow a Cambridge curriculum, and could therefore benefit from the use of these books that cover subjects like physics, calculus, and algebra. The schools received the books just in time for the new academic year, and expressed their great appreciation to Blake and ACMS for the donated books, which will benefit many students for years to come.

The beneficiary schools are as follows:

Shildeg (US Mongolia joint school)
Mongol Bilig Oyun
Mongol Temuulel
Shine Erin Laboratory School
Onom School
Shine Uy School
New Beginning International School
Orkhonkhasu School
Oyunii Ireedui School
Oyuny Onis School

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