By Dr. Ann M. Altman, Hamden, CT (

In May 2014, the Mongolian government passed a law designed to protect Mongolia’s cultural heritage.  The purpose of the law is outlined in the first paragraph, as follows:

“The  purpose  of  the  law  is  to  regulate  relations  pertaining  to   investigation,  registration,  research,  classification,  assessment,  preservation,   protection,  restoration,  recreation,  transfer,  inheritance,  ownership,  possession,   use  and  promotion  of  cultural  heritage.”

The law deals with protection of Mongolia’s cultural heritage within Mongolia but it also, and most importantly for foreign archeologists and paleontologists, provides the basis for the regulations that will govern future research by foreigners in Mongolia.

I have been provided with the official translation of the Law of Protection of Cultural Heritage and I have posted it on line at .

In addition, I have posted, on line, the official form for requesting permission to conduct paleontological and archeological research in Mongolia at .

The Mongolian government is also preparing documents related to the removal of research materials from Mongolia by archaeologists and paleontologists but these documents have not yet been released and the date of their release is uncertain. When and if I receive them, I shall post them on line and submit a link to “Field Notes” so that interested parties can have access to them.

Please note that I take no responsibility for the content of the materials that I have posted.  I have put them on line as a public service to researchers outside Mongolia.  I shall, however, be happy to attempt to answer any questions that readers of this post might have about these materials.