Les Joynes, PhD

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Les Joynes, PhD

Conducting research on the arts in Higher Education in Mongolia. Consulting and Advising on knowledge transfer and best practices.



  • Les Joynes, Ph.D., MBA, F.R.G.S
  • Доктор Лес Жоунс Зочин Судлаач, Колумбын Их сургууль
  • Research Scholar in Art and Education, Columbia University, New York
  • Assistant Professor in Art History, Renmin University ISS Program, Beijing
  • US Public Diplomacy Grantee Mongolia (2014) and China (2017)
  • US Department of State sponsored American Center for Mongolian Studies Research Fellow Mongolia (2016).


  • Arts
  • Education
  • Mongolia Studies
  • Buddhist Art
  • US-Mongolian Culture Exchange
  • Pedagogy
  • Summer Program Development

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