Mongolia paleontology periodicals donated by AMNH arrived at ACMS Library

The Amerian Museum of Natural History made a generous contribution to the ACMS Library with a selection of scientific publications, articles, and books about the paleontological findings in Mongolia, resulting from the Mongolian American Expeditions from 1990 through the present. In addition, a flash drive containing scanned photographs from the Central Asiatic Expeditions, led by Roy Chapman Andrews of the AMNH.

ACMS members in Ulaanbaatar can now peruse from the AMNH donations, which include 32 issues of the journal “American Museum Novitates,” six issues of the “Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History,” and two books on Mongolian paleontology by Dr. Michael Novacek, Senior Vice President and Provost of Science, and Curator at the Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History.

In addition, the donation included rare footage and photographs of the Central Asiatic Expeditions, in preparation of its centennial anniversary, which is coming in 2022.

Dr. Mark Norell, who is the Division Chair and Macaulay Curator, Curator-in-Charge of Fossil Amphibians, Reptiles, and Birds, Division of Paleontology at the AMNH, presented at the ACMS virtual panel titled “The History and Scientific Legacy of Roy Chapman Andrews” together with Dr. Novacek in November 2020, which can be seen below.

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