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I am a wildlife biologist focusing on the conservation of bustards, a family of rare birds, in northern Eurasia. In Mongolia, my efforts have been focused on the Great Bustard, the heaviest bird capable of flight. I use satellite telemetry, remote sensing, GIS, and movement analysis to characterize migratory pathways, wintering grounds, causes of mortality, and reproductive success of these birds. I carry out this work in a community context, involving local people in research activities and supporting young local researchers. I translate my research findings into policy recommendations, including a successful proposal submitted to the Convention on Migratory Species by the Government of Mongolia to increase the global level of protection for the Great Bustard. I first traveled to Mongolia in 2001, and have visited 17 times. I typically spend long periods of time in remote corners of the countryside where these rare birds can still be found.


  • Director, Eurasian Bustard Alliance
  • North Eurasian Bustard Coordinator, IUCN Bustard Specialist Group


  • Birds
  • Ornithology
  • Avian Conservation
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Conservation Policy
  • Bustards
  • Ecology
  • Grassland Conservation

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