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The following are books Mongolian language, grammar, reading, speaking, and dictionary resources available in Ulaanbaatar that can be shipped internationally. Many are unavailable in the US and can only be ordered here.

Book prices include the cost of shipping. All sales are final. All shipments receive international parcel post tracking numbers, but due to the unpredictability of international post, expect 2-6 weeks to receive an item once it has been shipped. If you have specific questions about the quality or content of particular items, please contact info@mongoliacenter.org.

Need help? Contact us to identify items that meet your language learning needs.


The ACMS is a not-for-profit, academic organization registered in the US and Mongolia. The ACMS is classified as a 501 (c) 3 organization by the IRS. All merchandise and services are offered to facilitate the research work and studies of member and non-member students and scholars. Service fees are used to help cover the costs of the administrative and material expenses associated with providing academic support services. For more information please contact info@mongoliacenter.org.