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Joanna Dolinska

In my PhD thesis I analyze the so called Altaic theory on the basis of contemporary and historical sources in Mongolian, Turkish and Manchu languages. My thesis’ focus is predominantly on comparative linguistics, but it also touches upon the social, religious and political features of groups of people that were given the general name “Altaic”. In my thesis I summarize the scientific discussion on the Altaic theory on the basis of Asian, European and American sources and carry out my own research on the optative and negative particles in the Altaic languages. Apart from my PhD research, I am also interested in the language variety and educational field of Myanmar. So far, I have published three articles on these topics in English and German.


  • Contributor to University of Oxford’s Tea Circle Forum


  • Language
  • Mongolia
  • Myanmar
  • Altaic Theory
  • Education
  • Languages in Contact
  • Comparative Linguistics

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