Jean-Luc Houle


  • Associate Professor, Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology, Western Kentucky University

I am an anthropological archaeologist whose research interests focus on the development of early complex societies. I am particularly interested in the relationship between mobility and place-making. Specifically, my research focuses on the social and ritual construction of landscapes and the sense of territoriality among mobile pastoralists, as well as with human-environment relationships and how all this relates to the development of early complex societies in Inner Asia. These interests have led me to investigate variables affecting changes in political economy, subsistence practices, mobility patterns, and the causes of the development of increasingly complex societies and social inequality among mobile pastoralists in Mongolia.


  • Archaeology
  • Regional settlement patterns
  • Household archaeology
  • Quantitative and spatial analysis
  • Socio-political organization
  • Ethnoarchaeology
  • Ritual practices