Introducing our new Content Captioning Technician!

Did you know some of our video content have started to be captioned in both Mongolian and English? Well, we have a lot more coming thanks to our new Content Captioning Technician!

As part of our efforts to improve accessibility of research within the Mongolian studies community to a wider audience, we created a new part-time position to deploy and fix the AI subtitling process. Our team knew we had to pick someone with an excellent command of English and Mongolian, as well as great attention detail, and we’re extremely pleased to announce Miss Munkh-Ireedui (Muuji) Bat-Unen as our Content Captioning Technician!

In this newly-created position, she will be using AI tools to meet the accessibility needs of our members and create English and Mongolian captions for our various content. We were very impressed by her writing and copyediting skills as well as her initiative to learn, and we’re excited to welcome her in our team.

Without further ado, here is her message to all our members and patrons:

Greetings, my name is Munkh-Ireedui Bat-Unen and I am the new content captioning technician at ACMS. I graduated from the English School of Mongolia in 2020 with the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Currently, I am a rising junior at the University of Calgary in Canada, where I am majoring in International Relations. I have always been interested in studying history and culture, particularly Mongolian, which is why I decided to become a part of ACMS. Currently, I am enjoying my job as a content captioning technician. In the process of captioning and translating various lecture videos, I am learning so much about Mongolian history and culture. In the future, I wish to work in the field of Mongolian studies.



Muuji has received training on using AI tools to transcribe, translate, and subtitle English and Mongolian content. You can see her work in the Virtual Speaker Series lecture on Armenian historical sources, and Mongolian Buddhism course videos of the Online Field School program. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’re interested in the bilingually subtitled content!

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