• 1. All applicants must have a self-assessed or officially assessed Intermediate or greater level of proficiency in Mongolian and at least 1 year experience studying Mongolian or equivalent. (Examples of proficiency level guidelines are available at http://www.languagetesting.com/scale_gov.htm). Lessons will be conducted entirely in Mongolian, and participants will be expected to handle daily activities outside the classroom on their own. Individuals without prior experience studying Mongolian are not eligible for this program.
    2. Participants must attend 90 percent of scheduled classes and complete 90 percent of work assigned outside the classroom, referred to hereafter as the “90-90 requirement.” Participants must commit up to 10-15 hours of classroom training and up to 15 hours of out of class training per week over an 8-10 week period. This is not flexible. However, participants will be given regular weekends and official holidays off (Naadam Festival), and they may use the time outside the committed 30-35 hours per week to pursue other activities if it does not interfere with the recipients’ abilities to observe the 90-90 requirement.
    3. All applicants must be current members of the ACMS to be considered for the fellowship program.
    4. Tuition payments must be received by the ACMS by May 1, 2018. The ACMS will send payment information to participants after acceptance in the program.
    5. Program participants are responsible for ensuring proper medical and evacuation insurance coverage during their time in Mongolia. Proof of insurance coverage will be required in order to participate in the program and before disbursement of fellowship funds to award recipients.
    6. Participants are responsible for their own lodging, travel, and other expenses throughout their stay in Mongolia. However, the ACMS is available to provide assistance in securing housing and making other travel and living arrangements upon individual request from participants.

  • Introduction

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  • Applicant Personal Data

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  • Language Proficiency, Personal Statement, Financial Need

    Please copy and paste the text of your language proficiency statement, personal statement, and financial need statement in the fields below.
  • A statement of up to 500 words that explains the applicant's level of proficiency and a list of formal Mongolian language courses completed.
  • Description of how you will utilize your participation in the program to further your career or studies. (500 words or less).
  • Please provide relevant information on financial needs as well as details on the amount (up to $2000 for tution waiver) being requested.
  • Additional Information

    (Note: you must be a current member of the ACMS to be eligible to receive a fellowship award).
  • Recommendation letter can be either upload it here, or emailed to apply@mongoliacenter.org.
  • Confirm Application Data

    ***Final Step of Application*** Note: Your data will not be saved until you click the "submit" button below. Before submitting your application, be sure to verify that this application is accurate and truthful to the best of your knowledge. Applicants who knowingly submit false or inaccurate applications are automatically disqualified from the ACMS Intensive Summer Language Program.