International scholars and students have been drawn to Mongolia for research and study because of the country’s open political and economic system, its pristine steppe environment, its role in world history, and its enduring nomadic culture. Since 1990, over 70 PhD dissertations and Master’s theses have been completed at US institutions on topics related to Mongolia and Inner Asia. Below is a list of dissertations and theses by international and Mongolian scholars on topics related to the region. This list is by no means comprehensive, and it includes dissertations written before 1990 and at institutions outside the US. However, of the over 120 titles listed, 84 were written in the last 16 years.

Copies of the dissertations may be found either at the libraries of the institutions that conferred the degrees or for purchase online at Proquest Online.

Scholars are encouraged to provide electronic copies of their dissertations and theses to the American Center for Mongolian Studies in order to make them available as a resource to other scholars doing work in the region. To submit your dissertation or thesis to the ACMS please contact

PhD Dissertations

20th century forest-grassland ecotone shift and effects of livestock herbivory
By Sankey, Temuulen Tsagaan, Ph.D., Montana State University, 2005, 104 pages; AAT 3179483

A comparison of multicultural music education concepts in American-based international schools and corresponding host country schools: Thailand, China, and Outer Mongolia
By Fulton, Carolyn Jeanette Morrison, Ph.D., The Florida State University, 2001, 180 pages; AAT 3021553

A History of the Sino-Soviet border, 1858-1924
By Paine, Sarah CrosBy Mallory, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1993, 517 pages; AAT 9318271

A multi-level study of vulnerability of Mongolian pastoralists to natural hazards and its consequences on individual and household well-being
By Chuluundorj, Oyuntsesteg, Ph.D., University of Colorado at Denver, 2006, 255 pages; AAT 3218085

A needs assessment of the teacher education program at the State Pedagogical University of Mongolia
By Costa, Vincent Paul, Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1997, 210 pages; AAT 9837572

An elite perspective on developmental crisis: China’s experiences in Inner Mongolia (Volumes I and II)
By Soong, James Chu-Yul, Ph.D., Georgetown University, 1975, 546 pages; AAT 7524486

A study of Mongolian negation
By Wonsoo Yu, Ph.D., Indiana University, 242 pages, 1991; WWU call #  PL400.1 .Y85 1991

A study on the “er-ren-tai” in contemporary social transition: Interactions between Hequ district non-governmental troupes and regional culture
By Yang, Hong, Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong (People’s Republic of China), 2004, 340 pages; AAT 3162600

An economic analysis of alternative grazing institutions in a transition economy: Jargalant “Suum” Mongolia
By Martin, Roger Philip, Ph.D., Washington State University, 1995, 382 pages; AAT 9640187

Apatite fission-track thermochronology of the Altai Mountains (South Siberia, Russia) and the Tien Shan Mountains (Kyrgyzstan): Relevance to Meso-Cenozoic tectonics and denudation in Central Asia
By De Grave, Johan, Ph.D., Universiteit Gent (Belgium), 2003, 289 pages; AAT C814796

Asian ornithomimosaurs
By Kobayashi, Yoshitsugu, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 2004, 363 pages; AAT 3125995

Astride the Movius Line: Late Pleistocene lithic technological variability in Northeast Asia
By Brantingham, Paul Jeffrey, Ph.D., The University of Arizona, 1999, 268 pages; AAT 9960291

Basal metabolic rate of Mongolian pastoral nomads
By Yandag, Nyamdorj, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 2000, 264 pages; AAT 9981877

Between hearth and celestial court: Gender, marginality, and the politics of Shamanic practices among the Buriats of Mongolia
By Buyandelgeriyn, Manduhai, Ph.D., Harvard University, 2004, 380 pages; AAT 3131799

Biogeochemical cycling and nitrogen dynamics of biological soil crusts in a semi-arid ecosystem
By Barger, Nichole Nannette, Ph.D., Colorado State University, 2003, 131 pages; AAT 3107065

Biological relationships among Siberians: Craniometric, serological, and dermatoglyphic approaches
By Yokota, Miyo, Ph.D., The University of Tennessee, 1997, 199 pages; AAT 9823143

Buddhism, history and power: The Jewel Translucent Sutra and the formation of Mongol identity
By Elverskog, Carl Johan, Ph.D., Indiana University, 2000, 575 pages; AAT 9993532

China and her political entity (A study of China’s foreign relations with reference to Korea, Manchuria and Mongolia)
By Hsu, Shuhsi, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1925, 438 pages; AAT 0127985

China’s policy toward Outer Mongolia, 1912-1920
By Salamon, Hilel Benami, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1969, 342 pages; AAT 7219086

Chinese and Russian policies in Outer Mongolia, 1911 to 1921
By Ewing, Thomas Esson, Ph.D., Indiana University, 1977, 614 pages; AAT 7805596

Chinese settlement of Mongolian lands: Manchu policy in Inner Mongolia/ A case study of Chinese migration in jerim league
By Tsai, Sheng Luen, Ph.D., Brigham Young University, 1983, 179 pages; AAT 8321339

Chinesische Stoffe und Motive in der populären mongolischen Literatur gegen Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts
By von Alexander Georg Scholz, Ph.D., Bonn, 265 pages, 1975; WWU call # PL414 .S36 1975

Cities, population redistribution, and urbanization in Mongolia: 1918-1990
By Doebler, Robert Kenneth, Ph.D., Indiana University, 1994, 367 pages; AAT 9500394, PL9500 .D649 1994

Civil society under Communist rule: A comparative study from the perspective of workers’ occupational autonomy
By Zhu, Yanlan, Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 1994, 215 pages; AAT 9501560

Climate and soil texture controls of grassland ecosystem properties of Inner Mongolia from patch to regional scales   By Xiao, Xiangming, Ph.D., Colorado State University, 1994, 165 pages; AAT 9509669

Climate-ecosystem interactions on East Asian steppes: An analysis of vegetation responses to climate variability with remote sensing data
By Yu, Fangfang, Ph.D., University of Kansas, 2002, 198 pages; AAT 3071146

Comparative study of postpositions in Mongolian dialects and the written language
By Frederick Holden Buck, Ph.D., Harvard University, 158 pages, 1953; WWU call # PL403 .B83 1955

Contrastive analysis of the morphological structure of words in the Mongolian and English languages. (Russian)
By Luvsanzhav, Choĭ, Ph.D., USSR Academy of Sciences and Mongolian State University (MPR), 88 pages, 1971; WW call # PL403 .L8917 1971

“Crafting” Hongshan Communities? Household Archeology in the Chifeng region of eastern Inner Mongolia, PRC
By Peterson, Christian Eric, Ph.D., University of Pittsburg, 2006, 246 pages; AAT

Culture change and revolution in Outer Mongolia
By Cheney, George Alvin, Ph.D., University of Washington, 1966, 285 pages; AAT 6702146

Demokratisierungschancen in der Mongolei
by von Saruul Agwaandorjiin, Ph.D., Universitat Marburg, 280 pages, 1999; WWU call # JQ1730.A56 D4677 1999

Divine knowledge: Buddhist mathematics according to Antoine Mostaert’s “Manual of Mongolian Astrology and Divination”
By Baumann, Brian Gregory, Ph.D., Indiana University, 2005, 2243 pages; AAT 3200372

Dynamics and sustainability of the Inner Mongolian typical steppe: Ecosystem responses to grazing and climate
By Christensen, Lindsey, Ph.D., Colorado State University, 2001, 138 pages; AAT 3038625

Early historical materials of the Bayantala League
by Lawrence Edward Yates, Ph.D., Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, 278 pages, 1986; WWU call #  DS793.M7 Y38 1986

Ecology and conservation of snow leopards, Gobi brown bears, and wild Bactrian camels in Mongolia
By McCarthy, Thomas Michael, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2000, 133 pages; AAT 9960772

Economic analyses of wind erosion control with off-site environmental effects
By Hu, Dayuan, Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 1995, 95 pages; AAT 9614456

Energy, torpor, and reproduction in Siberian hamsters, Phodopus sungorus
By Stamper, Juliet Lise, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1996, 106 pages; AAT 9723192

English in the linguistic landscape of Mongolia: Indices of language spread and language competition
By Beery, Kelli Erin, Ph.D., Purdue University, 2004, 168 pages; AAT 3154584

Epidemiology of brucellosis in livestock and humans in Mongolia
By Fine, Amanda Elizabeth, M.S., Michigan State University, 2004, 181 pages; AAT 1424684

Etat de sante des eleveurs semi-nomades en Mongolie: Mode de vie et facteurs de risqué
By Mocellin, Jerome, Ph.D., Universite de Montreal (Canada), 2006, 373 pages; AAT NR16978

Europeans and Mongols in the middle of the thirteenth century: Encountering the other
By Ruotsala, Antti Allan Aaprami, FT, Helsingin Yliopisto (Finland), 2001, 169 pages; AAT C810819

Exhumation of high and ultrahigh-pressure rocks in the Qinling-Dabie orogen, eastern China and the Yagan-Onch Hayrhan metamorphic core complex, southern Mongolia
By Webb, Laura Elaine, Ph.D., Stanford University, 1999, 116 pages; AAT 9924621

Falling lands, rising nations: Environmental-nationalism in China and Central Asia
By Husmann, Lisa Eileen, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1997, 184 pages; AAT 9826959

Fertility analysis of Mongolia: Fertility transition and its determinants in 1960—1998
By Altankhuyag, Gereltuya, Ph.D., University of Southampton (United Kingdom), 2005, 156 pages; AAT C823942

Fossil mammals from the Oligocene Hsanda Gol Formation, Mongolia. Part I: Insectivora, rodentia and deltatheridia, with notes on the paleobiology of cricetops dormitor
By Mellett, James Silvan, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1966, 282 pages; AAT 6700830

“For the memory of the hero is his second life”: Truth, history and politics in late twentieth century Mongolia
By Kaplonski, Christopher, Ph.D., Rutgers The State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick, 1996, 319 pages; AAT 9633700

Functional anatomy of the postcranial skeleton of Mononykus olecranus (Dinosauria: Saurischia: Theropoda) from the late Cretaceous of Mongolia
By McNeil, Lana S., Ph.D., Yale University, 1998, 532 pages; AAT 9835260

Growing constitutions: Judicial review in the new democracies
By Ginsburg, Thomas Benjamin, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1999, 482 pages; AAT 9931242

Huhhot: an urban profile (Mongolia, China)
By Jankowiak, William Ronald, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, 1986, 183 pages; AAT 8614634

Information networks: Investigating the information behaviour of Mongolia’s urban residents
By Johnson, Catherine Anne, Ph.D., University of Toronto (Canada), 2003, 342 pages; AAT NQ84727

Inner Asian warriors and khans: A regional spatial analysis of nomadic political organization and interaction
By Honeychurch, William H., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2004, 314 pages; AAT 3121944

Inside ownership, internal influence, and enterprise behavior: Evidence from the Mongolian large privatization
By Korsun, Georges Gabay, Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park, 1995, 214 pages; AAT 9607783

Integrated spatiotemporal characterization of dust sources and outbreaks in Central and East Asia
By Darmenova, Kremena T., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006, 144 pages; AAT 3212212

Internet content and use by civil society and government institutions in Mongolia: The situation in 2005
By Undrahbuyan, Baasanjav, Ph.D., Ohio University, 2006, 238 pages; AAT 3240005

Landscapes, livestock, and livelihoods: Social, ecological, and land-use change among the nomadic pastoralists of Mongolia
By Fernandez-Gimenez, Maria Edith, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1997, 486 pages; AAT 9828684

Land use classification for control desertification in Maowusu Sandland, Inner Mongolia, China
By Ci, Long-jun, Ph.D., Cornell University, 1992, 364 pages; AAT 9211265

Mantle peridotites: Petrological and experimental investigations
By Canil, Dante Louis, Ph.D., University of Alberta (Canada), 1989; AAT NL55442

Master traveler and forgotten survivor : The life and works of Boris Matveevich lapin (USSR)
By Ruder, Cynthia Ann, Ph.D., Cornell University, 1987, 235 pages; AAT 8724139

Migrant and ethnic integration in rural Chifeng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
By Ma, Rong, Ph.D., Brown University, 1987, 573 pages; AAT 8715531

Molecular approaches for conservation of endangered giant argali sheep (Ovis ammon) and dwarf blue sheep (Pseudois nayaur schaeferi) in Asia
By Feng, Jiu, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, 2001, 97 pages; AAT 9997943

Mongolia’s dual transition to democracy and market capitalism
By Ganhuu, Batbold, M.A., Boston College, 2004, 93 pages; AAT 1419019

Moving the world through two strings: The horse-head fiddle and the cosmopolitan reimagination of tradition in Mongolia
By Marsh, Peter Kimball, Ph.D., Indiana University, 2002, 293 pages; AAT 3054411

Nationalism and identity in Mongolia
by Uradyn Erden Bulag, Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 211 pages, 1993; WWU call # DS19 .B854 1993a

Neoproterozoic-Paleozoic supercontinental tectonics and true polar wander. II. Temporal and spatial distributions of Proterozoic glaciations
By Evans, David Aspinwall, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 1998, 326 pages; AAT 9842299

Nestorian remains of Inner Mongolia : discovery, reconstruction and appropriation
By Halbertsma, Tjalling Hidde Friso, Ph.D., Sinological Institute, Faculty of Arts, Leiden University, 2007; Open access link

Occurrence and risk factors of asthma, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and allergic sensitisation in rural and urban Mongolia
By Viinanen, Arja Hannele, Ph.D., Turun Yliopisto (Finland), 2004, 167 pages; AAT C818833

One homeland or two? Territorialization of identity and the migration decision of the Mongolian-Kazakh diaspora
By Diener, Alexander C., Ph.D., The University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2003, 470 pages; AAT 3113748

One school/two systems: An ethnographic case study of a Mongol high school in China
By Wang, Bing, Ph.D., University of Calgary (Canada), 1999, 261 pages; AAT NQ47919

Paleozoic sedimentation, volcanism and tectonics of southern Mongolia
By Lamb, Melissa Anne, Ph.D., Stanford University, 1998, 207 pages; AAT 9908800

Phylogenetic and historical biogeographical relationships of the genera in the family agamidae (reptilia: Lagertilia)
By Moody, Scott Michael, Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1980, 390 pages; AAT 8017324

Policies and administration of minority areas in Northwest China and Inner Mongolia, 1949-1959
By Schwarz, Henry Guenter, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison, 1963, 692 pages; AAT 6302910

Political democratization of communist systems: An empirical study of the developmental approach
By Wang, Qin, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1993, 150 pages; AAT 9505372

Prevalence and risk factors of hepatitis B and C infections in blood donors, Mongolia
By Tserenpuntsag, Boldtsetseg, Dr.P.H., State University of New York at Albany, 2006, 173 pages; AAT 3221106

Quaternary Deformation across the central segment of the Gobi-Altay fault system, southwestern Mongolia
By Mushkin, Amit, Ph.D., University of Washington, 2007; AAT 0818238

Religion in 20th century Mongolia: Social changes and popular practices
By Narantuya, Danzan, Ph.D., University of Essex (United Kingdom), 2005; AAT C820812

Religious Situation in Mongolia: the end of the 1980s – the 1990s (Религиозная ситуация в Монголии: конец 1980-х – 1990-е гг.)
By Rustam Sabirov, PhD, Moscow State University, 2004, 207 pages, Russian State Library ОД, 61:04-7/678

Revolutionary Mongolia chooses a faith: Lamaism or Leninism
By Moses, Larry Willam, Ph.D., Indiana University, 1972, 212 pages; AAT 7230435

Revolutionary nationalist mobilization in Inner Mongolia, 1925-1929
By Atwood, Christopher Pratt, Ph.D., 1994, 878 pages; AAT 9500350

Rhythm and intonation in Halh Mongolian
By Karlsson, Anastasia Mukhanova, Ph.D., Lunds Universitet (Sweden), 2005, 184 pages; AAT C823988

Russian and Soviet policy in Manchuria and Outer Mongolia, 1911-1931
By Tang, Peter Sheng-Hao, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1952, 593 pages; AAT 0010814

Sacred waters of the Mongols: Protecting natural and cultural diversity in the Lake Baikal region
By Brummond, Janice K., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2004, 299 pages; AAT 3150167

Sayyid ‘Ajall Shams al-Din: A Muslim from central Asia, serving the Mongols