In collaboration with Nomad Science Mongolia and the National Museum of Mongolia, a team of archaeologists is working to salvage a damaged archaeological site just outside of Hatgal, as part of the #MongoliaFieldSchool. From August 1-14, interested members of the public are invited to visit the site and see archaeology in action.

Archaeologists are doing some very important cultural heritage preservation work in Mongolia. Few opportunities exist for the general interested public to observe these efforts or the results. In an effort to bring archaeological practice, research, and an awareness of the challenges being faced to the attention of the public, a team of archaeologists from the American Center for Mongolian Studies, NOMAD Science, and the National Museum of Mongolia is organizing an interactive archaeological interpretive center in Hatgal from August 1-14 where the general public will be invited to observe and ask questions directly from the archaeologists working on the site, free of charge.

Contact the ACMS at +976 7711-0486 for more information.