Francis Woodman Cleaves' Collection Digitization Project

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bring rare Mongolian studies documents to public access!


The American Center for Mongolian Studies is seeking funds to conserve and digitize the rare books and manuscripts collection of Francis Woodman Cleaves currently stored in the Christian Church Library in New Hampshire, USA.

Francis Woodman Cleaves was a mongolist, sinologist, linguist and historian who taught at Harvard University. Francis Woodman Cleaves is one of the founders of Mongolian studies in the US and a scholar who left a great legacy of Mongol studies. 

He translated ‘’Secret History of Mongolia’’ and ‘’Altan Tobci: A Brief History of Mongols’’ into English. He left invaluable resources in Mongolian Studies, including research articles, manuscripts and rare and unique books. Many of his works on Mongolian and Chinese studies have not been published and remain in manuscripts. His research papers are not in circulation of studies at all.

Our initial goal is to raise $1,000 on Dec 1, 2020 to start digitizing and preserving 1,500 of his books collection, 1,000 of which are extremely rare and invaluable to the field of Mongolian Studies.

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There are hundreds of manuscripts in Mongolian, Chinese and Persian, including his translation of ‘’A Compendium of Chronicles: Rashid al-Din’’.

With your donation, the ACMS will preserve and digitize these rare documents, and make them freely available to the scholars of Mongolian Studies and the general public!

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