Matthew Dundon

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Matthew Dundon Matthew_dundon@hotmail.com Master of Mongolian History, Inner Mongolia University. President of DukMoo Hapkido for Inner Mongolia. Strong focus on current situation of Inner Mongolia. Sino-Mongol relations. Early empire formation with research focusing on sociological conditions. Philosophy of History and power in the empire. Interested in: history, philosophy, [...]

Katarzyna Golik

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Katarzyna Golik iranon@wp.pl Research Assistant | Asia and Pacific, East Asian Research Centre of Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences Freelance lecturer  | Asian Studies of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities http://english.isppan.waw.pl/ Education of national minorities in the People’s Republic of China, especially of [...]

Kristen Pearson

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Kristen Pearson krpea@sas.upenn.edu 2018-19 Fulbright Student Research Fellow, Mongolian National Museum https://upenn.academia.edu/ I am an archaeologist interested in the interpersonal, political, economic, and ecological relationships embodied in craft objects and assemblages. I focus on organics, examining anthropological and zoo archaeological questions through the lens of perishable material [...]

Michal Holeščák

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Michal Holeščák m.holescak@gmail.com Post-doc researcher at Archaeological Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences https://www.sav.sk/ My research is focused on the archaeological remains of Mongols and other late medieval nomads, mailny in the region of Central and Eastern Europe but also in the area of their origin. This [...]

Khishigsuren Dorj

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Khishigsuren Dorj msdorj@yahoo.com Researcher, PhD in linguistics, teacher at the NYC Mongolian school, Cultural coordinator at the Thornton-Donovan School of New Rochelle, NY Research and analysis of the Mongolian neoshamanist literature and translation of the ancient shamanic poetry RESEARCH TOPICS Shamanism Shamanic literature [...]

Delger Borjigon

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Delger Borjigon RESEARCH TOPICS Mongolian Studies Library Science English Language Study Website Running delger@qq.com Director, Mongolian Studies Section, Inner Mongolia University Library Senior Research Librarian(Professor), Inner Mongolia University Teacher, Information Searching, Mongolian Language, Teaching English in Mongolian Researcher, Mongolian Studies http://www.surag.net/

Chisato Fukuda Calvert

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Chisato Fukuda Calvert, Ph.D. chisato.fukuda@gmail.com Operations Associate, Impact Experience http://www.chisatofukuda.com Over the past two decades, air pollution has become a seasonal disaster in Ulaanbaatar, prompting widespread concerns about bodily harms. These concerns have promoted various investments to document air pollution’s effects, from monitoring technologies, interactive pollution maps, [...]

Bryan Miller

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Bryan Miller, PhD millerbryank@gmail.com Research Associate, History Faculty, University of Oxford (UK) Research Affiliate, Department of Archaeology, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History (Germany) http://nomadicempires.history.ox.ac.uk/?page_id=42 Bryan K. Miller received a M.A. in Archaeology from UCLA and a Ph.D. in East Asian Civilizations from the [...]

Thalea Stokes

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Thalea Stokes thalea.stokes@gmail.com Doctoral Student, University of Chicago http://tjstokes.org/thalea My doctoral research examines the kinds of communities and traditions created among Mongols in Mongolia and Mongols in China facilitated by hip hop music culture. Specifically, I am interested in exploring what appears to be a pointed relaxing [...]

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