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Uyghur Nation: Reform and Revolution on the Russia-China Frontier

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Recent Publication by David Brophy (Harvard University Press, April 2016). The meeting of the Russian and Qing empires in the nineteenth century had dramatic consequences for Central Asia’s Muslim communities. Along this frontier, a new political space emerged, shaped by competing imperial and spiritual loyalties, cross-border economic and social ties, and the revolutions that engulfed Russia [...]

Governing Post-­Imperial Siberia and Mongolia, 1911-­1924: Buddhism, Socialism and Nationalism in State and Autonomy Building

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Recent Publication by Ivan Sablin (February 2016, Routledge). The governance arrangements put in place for Siberia and Mongolia after the collapse of the Qing and Russian Empires were highly unusual, experimental and extremely interesting. The Buryat­-Mongol Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic established within the Soviet Union in 1923 and the independent Mongolian People’s Republic established a year [...]

China’s Early Mosques

By |2016-11-23T15:05:36+00:00January 31st, 2016|Recent Publications|

Recent Publication by Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt (Edinburgh University Press, Jan. 2016). What happens when a monotheistic, foreign religion needs a space in which to worship in China, a civilisation with a building tradition that has been largely unchanged for several millennia? The story of this extraordinary convergence begins in the 7th century and continues under the [...]

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