We regret to inform you that our Speaker Series lecture of June 4 with Alexandria Hill has been cancelled due to unforeseen travel difficulties for our speaker. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

We do have another pop-up Speaker series lecture on June 12 with Dr. Jennifer Lander, and we look forward to seeing you there.

“The State has forgotten its reason for being”? A socio-legal analysis of extractive development and state transformation in Mongolia

Since the post-socialist transition in the early 1990s, Mongolia’s mineral wealth has been consistently promoted as the key to the country’s economic development. Over the past twenty-five years, national policy-makers and legislators in Mongolia have sought to create a legal and institutional framework for mining to attract foreign investment, whilst also addressing developmental priorities around national income generation, redistribution, socio-environmental impacts and participatory decision-making for local communities. This presentation discusses the challenges of this “balancing act” for the democratic state of Mongolia through an overview of key periods of legal and policy change in Mongolia’s mining regime and an analysis of the underlying socio-political catalysts for reform. Overall, I argue that the legal developments associated with Mongolia’s mining regime have a great deal to tell us about the dynamics of national state transformation in the global economy.