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My research interests lie in the modern area of international relations in Asia in the 20-th Century, with emphasis in the around Mongolia, and complex historical area analysis. I am interested in developing and analyzing Mongolian international history of end of 19 Century and beginning of 20-th Century for problems in these areas.
Books, booklets and collections of historical documents-38
Researcher’s articles-204

1. Bogdo Jebtsundamba Khutuktu, The last emperor of Mongolia, Research work, UB: Admon, 2011, Second edition, revised, 722 pages. In Mongolian
2. Diary of I.Ia.Korostovets, Russian Plenipotentiary in Mongolia in 1912-1913, Compiled by Batsaikhan Ookhnoi. Edited by Batsaikhan Ookhnoi, Olga Bakich, Tatsuo Nakami, UB., Admon press, 2009, 440 pages, in Russian, 2010, in Mongolian
3. About Tserenpil gun, UB: Bitpress, 2006.
4. Mongolia: becoming a nation state (1911-1946), UB: Admon press, 2005, 350 pages.
5. Constitutions of Mongolia Com. O.Batsaikhan, J.Amarsanaa, UB: Admon press, 2004, 600 pages.
6. I.Ya.Korostovets Since Chinggis khan Until Soviet Republic, Ed. O.Batsaikhan, Ganjurov V.Ts., Bazarov B.V., UB: Admon press, 2004. in Russian.
7. Mongolia in documents of All-Union Communist (Bolsheviks) Party (1920 -1952) Vol. 2, Com. Ed. O.Batsaikhan and S.Damdinsuren. UB: Admon press, 2003.
8. Mongolian independence and Kiakhta Agreement of 1915 Between China, Russia and Mongolia UB: Admon press, 2002, 340 pages.
9. K voprosu o vozmojnoi alityernativnoi puti razvitiya Mongolii v 1920-30-yye gody – Rossiya i Mongoliya: Novyi vzglyad na istoriyu vzaimootnoshyenii XX vyekye, Sovmyestnyi trud mongolo -rossiiskix isslyedovatyelyei M., IB RAN., 2001, pp.82-96.
10. Full text of detailed Minutes of negotiations between China, Russia and Mongolia in Mongolian and Russian Languages with researcher’s interpretations. Com. And ed. O.Batsaikhan, UB: Admon press, 1999.


  • Bogdo Khan
  • Mongolian History
  • History of Mongolia in XX Century
  • Mongolian Independence
  • National Revolution of Mongolia in 1911
  • Kyahta treaty of 1915
  • Korostovets

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