ACMS is pleased to announce that its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in Denver on the evening of Friday, March 22.
Honoring our tradition, the meeting is being held at the same time as the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Meeting.
All ACMS members — as well as any “Friends of Mongolia” who might be interested in ACMS and Mongolia — are invited to attend.

When: Friday, March 22, beginning at 7:30 pm

Where: Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel (Room: Governor’s Square 10)

The first part of the meeting will provide a opportunity for ACMS Executive Director Jonathan Addleton to review ACMS work over the last year and in the year ahead. Former ACMS Executive Director Charles Krusekopf, having just returned from Mongolia, will also talk about the latest ACMS initiative: the Luce-Funded ACMS Summer Field Schools in archaeology, internal migration and sustainable energy. Ambassador Pamela Slutz, the newly announced President of the Mongolia Society, will also attend and provide remarks on her new role. Finally, this meeting will provide an opportunity for all those interested in Mongolia to briefly present poster boards and discuss their latest research.

In this way, the AGM can hopefully became an informal gathering place for all those attending this year’s AAS meetings who are especially interested in Mongolia in all of its many aspects.

If you do plan to present a poster board or discuss your research on Mongolia, please contact ACMS Executive Director Jonathan Addleton ahead of time at the following e-mail address: