ACMS Supports Organization of Second Morin Khuur Festival in the US

As part of an ongoing effort to expand presence in the U.S. and strengthen membership base within the Mongolian American community, ACMS supported the organization of the rapidly growing U.S. festival dedicated to the traditional instrument of Mongolia, the Morin Khuur or Horse Fiddle. The festival was organized at the University of California, Berkeley campus Oct 9-10 by the Morin Khuur Center in North America, and comprised of academic presentations, amateur players’ competition, and concerts by professional morin khuurists from Mongolia.

Natso Baatarkhuu, the ACMS communications coordinator, assisted with the event logistics and held an information booth during the concerts, which drew the majority of the overall 300 attendance of the festival. He was able to meet a few of the institutional and individual members of ACMS, including the UC Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies, the Mongolia Society, and the Mongolian General Consulate in San Francisco, as well as meet the Bay Area US Mongolian community leaders for potential collaboration.

“Benefiting from the serendipity to move to the U.S. and still work for ACMS, I was glad for this opportunity to touch base with the Mongolist and Mongolian American communities,” said Natso Baatarkhuu. “Mongolian studies is nowhere near Korean or Chinese studies in terms of breadth and awareness. But we believe that raising awareness and building allies stateside can help promote the scholarship and academic interest in Mongolia and Inner Asia.”

On top of assisting with the translated subtitle creation of the academic panel presentations, ACMS co-promoted the festival on its social media pages, and the Communications Coordinator hosted a fireside chat with the Morin Khuur Center in North America’s Director, Erdenebat Gantumur.


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