ACMS MRL 3D Scanner Used for Digital Cultural Heritage Project

ACMS is pleased to report the first usage of Morrison Research Lab‘s latest addition, NextEngine UltraHD 3D Scanner by ZEV Digital Museum for their latest digital cultural heritage project.
(Those of you who attended Dec 3, 2019 Speaker Series may also be familiar with their AR/VR experiences developed under Mifox).

Artist Sanaa (pictured below) successfully scanned 8 Xiongnu-era artifact replicas after a brief tutorial and calibration with our staff. ACMS hopes to assist ZEV Digital Museum and more artists and scholars in their digital humanities and fieldwork needs through the Bruce W. Morrison Research Laboratory tools, donated in 2019 by by Dr. William Taylor, a former ACMS fellow and a long-time patron. ACMS thanks Dr. Taylor for his kind donations, and we look forward to Zev Digital Museum’s latest VR/AR cultural heritage project.

Members and patrons interested in renting our equipment can browse the Morrison Research Laboratory’s equipment list, and fill out a rental request form at:

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