The ACMS Mongolia Field School is seeking educators who are interested in teaching in the 2020 ACMS Field School. Proposals are welcome from faculty, advanced graduate students and practitioners interested in teaching a field course on site in Mongolia.

The 2020 Field School offers the opportunity to build off the success of the 2019 program and offer new course topics. The final dates have not been set, but tentative dates are July 27-Aug 14, 2020, starting and finishing in Ulaanbaatar. The ACMS supports the arrangement of advertisement, registration, teaching and field visit logistics, and efforts are made to foster cross-learning among students in different course streams of the program. The ACMS strongly believes in creating opportunities for people with little knowledge of Mongolia to learn more about the country, in helping those with prior experience with Mongolia to expand their knowledge base, and in connecting international participants with Mongolian students, scholars and resources.

Expressions of Interest will be considered on a rolling basis, and are to be submitted for consideration before September 15, 2019. An Expression of Interest can be brief, but should include:

  • a short description of a potential topic area with descriptive course title;
  • information on the related experience of the instructor with a focus on previous filed teaching and Mongolia experience;
  • thoughts on the expected audience for the program.

You are encouraged to identify a potential Mongolian or international co-instructor, and to discuss ways to develop the audience for your program such as bringing students from your home university, a course on a popular/timely issue, students in a particular field, or identified groups such as K-12 teachers, families etc.

The Expression of Interest is considered a preliminary proposal, and everyone who submits will be contacted by a Field School staff member for further discussions to explore ideas.

Before submitting an Expression of Interest you may want to discuss ideas with the current ACMS Field School instructors or ACMS staff members. Charles Krusekopf, ACMS Field School Director, is available at or you can contact the ACMS office at

The 2019 Field School attracted more than 120 applicants from Mongolia and North America, including undergraduate, graduate and adult learners. The Field School is an annual event, and will add new course sections for 2020 and later years given the strong demand shown in 2019. The 2019 Field School included 3 course topics on field archeology, renewable energy and rural-urban migration in Mongolia. Each topic includes 18 days of study and travel, is taught in English, and includes approximately 20 students – 10 internationals students and 10 Mongolian students. Students in 2019 were multi-age, and included undergraduates, graduates, K-12 teachers and other interested people. The approach is inter-disciplinary and inclusive, and designed to support people who are new to Mongolia and those with more experience in the country. Students have the potential to obtain academic credit for the program, and will learn field research techniques and work on a personal topic of interest.

The 2019 program ran from July 29-Aug 16, and includes time in Ulaanbaatar and field sites in Darkhan and Hovsgol. The program development is supported by funds from the Henry Luce Foundation, and more than $30,000 in fellowships were given to participants. More information on the program is available here:   The 2020 program will build on the foundations of the 2019 program, but will incorporate new approaches based on lessons learned and the interests of potential faculty.

Some potential areas of interest for future Field School courses (other fields/ideas are welcomed these just offer some starter ideas):

  • Mongolian Buddhism and religions
  • Mongolian medicine
  • Public Health in Mongolia
  • Renewable energy use and development
  • Balancing economic development and environmental protection
  • Mining challenges – employment, water
  • Wildlife preservation
  • Design thinking to solve “wicked” issues – air pollution, access to clean water
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Mongolian history
  • Archeology
  • Grasslands Science
  • Nomadism
  • Climate change in Mongolia
  • Documenting and Preserving cultural heritage

Field school instructors receive a stipend and travel support for delivering the field school course.   General terms/timelines for 2020 Field School instructors:

  • Develop a course description in Fall 2019 and participate in promotional activities for the Field School and organizational discussions.
  • Develop a detailed course syllabus and teaching plan by spring 2020, work with ACMS to develop site visits, lectures and guest speakers.
  • Review applications to select participants and award fellowship funds.
  • Be on site in Mongolia for a minimum 3-weeks in summer 2020 to participate in orientation activities and deliver the field school course in Ulaanbaatar and at appropriate field sites.
  • The Field School course may be co-taught with an international and/or Mongolian counterpart.

For more information, please contact Field School Director Charles Krusekopf or ACMS Personnel and offices at

Expressions of interest are requested no later than Sep 15, 2019 to facilitate the advertisement of the 2020 Field School program by fall 2019.