The ACMS Library has a complete online catalogue after two months of ILS-installation and manual book inventory efforts. The online cataloging project, led by the ACMS Library and Media Coordinator Gantungalag Tumurchudur, took two months and involved recording metadata of over 5,000 books.

“Now our patrons can browse books according to topics,” says Gantungalag, “as the metadata includes keywords associated with the books.” Our members will also be given, for the first time ever, a library card to ease access to our library and streamlining the checkout process.

ACMS Library book shelf

Our members can now browse books according to topics as our ILS cataloguing project included keywords associated with the books.

The Integrated Library System, or ILS, that has been installed at the ACMS library is an international standard library system called Koha.

We are pleased to note that new book acquisitions for the ACMS library are arriving from the U.S. shortly, with many new and exciting titles in tow. We encourage our patrons to explore our new database at the link below, or renew their ACMS membership if they haven’t done so. ACMS members can check out books and enjoy free JSTOR access, in addition to use of a study area, public computers with internet access, wifi, printing, a photocopier and scanning equipment.