ACMS donates books to Khentii Correctional Center Library

ACMS executed the program “Books for Mongolia” from 2003-2017, putting one million English language books, ranging from children’s picture books to university textbooks, into the hands of students and leaders in Mongolia. Despite the program’s conclusion, we continued to coordinate U.S. book donations to schools, the latest of which was over 500 titles in September, 2018.

This time we received a request from the social worker of Khentii Province’s Correctional Center 419 and decided to send some of our own extra books. The result was over 120 books, some decommissioned from ACMS library but most donated by ACMS staff and our library’s regular patron, Professor Battur Jambal of the National University of Mongolia. We would like to thank Prof. Battur for his generous donation, and we hope the books help this underserved community.

We always welcome opportunities to coordinate book donations to institutions, libraries and schools in Mongolia, and patrons interested in arranging book donations can email us at

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