The ACMS currently administers several programs that promote scholarship and academic exchange between US and Mongolian scholars and institutions.

Field Research Fellowship – supports short-term research projects in Mongolia by students, university and college faculty and other researchers.

Library Fellowship Program – supports US advanced graduate students, faculty members, or professionals in library and information sciences from colleges and university to conduct short-term library development projects.

Internship Program – allows students opportunities to gain greater understanding of Mongolia while at the same time contributing to the collective knowledge of the scholarly community.

Cultural Heritage Fellowship Program – supports up to four fellows to carry out advanced graduate or post-doctoral research on topics related to the preservation of Mongolia’s Cultural Heritage.

US Embassy Fulbright Fellowship Program – ACMS acts as the local resource center for Fulbright Fellows, Senior Scholars and Visiting Faculty Members.

Mongolian Cultural Heritage Center – The MCHC is a division of the Mongolian government mandated to oversee and develop the preservation of all tangible and intangible cultural heritage. ACMS collaborates with the MCHC to improve access, find opportunities and collaborate and find best practices. Learn more

Mongolian National Museum – For over 10 years, the ACMS and Mongolian National Museum have collaborated on research opportunities and the delivery of conferences, workshops and educational opportunities. Learn more

Natsagdorj Library – This centrally-located library houses the ACMS and our partnership has led to the delivery of library training workshops, joint research space and the use of the facility for VIP events.

OyuTolgoi LLC – In 2013 the ACMS entered into its first Public Private partnership with Mongolia’s OyuTolgoi (OT) mine. The focus of this partnership includes community development and environmental assessment projects.

Foreign Embassies – Due to the success of the US Embassy supported programs, the ACMS has begun working with the Canadian and British Embassies as well as the Australian Conulate to incorporate the research activities of foreign researchers into ACMS programs.

In partnership with the Asia Foundation, ACMS is committed to connecting Mongolian institutions with high-quality material from some of the world’s best information resources. Since 2013, ACMS has provided nearly 100,000 books, donated by leading U.S. publishers, to a wide variety of Mongolian institutions in Mongolia’s most far-flung corners.

In addition to book distribution and a librarian training program, The ACMS and the Asia Foundation work together to further promote the use of English academic and non-academic language books through special events, social media as well as encourage the use of open education resources. Learn more

The ACMS invites students and scholars to enroll in an eight week Intensive Mongolian Language Program in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The purpose of this summer language program is to provide intermediate-level students of the Mongolian language with an opportunity to enhance their communicative competence. Learn more
The ACMS regularly sponsors Seminars, Lectures and Workshops both in Mongolia and North America. These provide the local and international public with an opportunity to learn about research being conducted in the region. Seminar topics range from the humanities to archaeology, history, economics, biology, climatology, forestry, public policy and medicine. See upcoming seminars
The ACMS provides logistical support to students and researchers, acts as a liaison with the Mongolian government and academic institutions, provides a venue for presentations and acts as a repository for research reports, dissertations, books and other materials. The ACMS provides practical and logistical support to scholars, helping with visas, permits, accommodation, travel arrangements, research facilities, translation needs and book sourcing. Learn More
Research Project Administration – For organizations looking for a partner institution to assist in their research, the ACMS is able to provide a variety of administrative, permitting and project management services that enable your team to focus on key research tasks. Learn more

Conference and Workshop Facilitation – With over 10 years of experience, the ACMS can organize any size of lecture, worship, conference or symposium for both domestic and international participants.

Special Event Planning – The ACMS can organize and plan any Special Event your team or organization may require. We can help you host a book launch, film screening, cultural activity, press conference, breakfast lecture or gala event.

Educational Tours – The ACMS has developed several study tour options to help university faculty, students and interested persons gain insight into this dynamic region.

Printing and Publishing – Should your research or activity require printed documentation, ACMS has agreements with local printers to meet your needs.

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