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ACMS Library Re-Opens After Online Cataloging Project Finishes

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The ACMS Library has a complete online catalogue after two months of ILS-installation and manual book inventory efforts. The online cataloging project, led by the ACMS Library and Media Coordinator Gantungalag Tumurchudur, took two months and involved recording metadata of over 5,000 books. “Now our patrons can browse books according to topics,” says Gantungalag, “as [...]

Last Chance: Enrolling for June Survival Mongolian Class

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If you're based in Ulaanbaatar, you have probably read that ACMS has started a “Survival Mongolian” course for beginners. But did you know that our upcoming June course is our last session? Until we start anew in September, that is. That's right. Our last class begins on June 17 and ends on June 28. For [...]

ACMS organizes Academic Writing Workshop at MSUE for the 6th Year

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Over 60 participants attended our #AcademicWritingWorkshop, which was held from May 8 through 10 at Mongolian State University of Education​. Our instructors, Natso, Maggie, and Julia, delivered presentations on Day 1, organized round-robin-style group exercises on Day 2, and provided individual consultations on Day 3. The participants, who were not just graduate students but also [...]

Ethnoarchaeology of Mongolian Hide and Fiber Crafts — Kristen Pearson

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BACKGROUND Mongolia is one of the few places in the world with environmental conditions favorable to the long-term preservation of organic materials, such as textile, leather, and wood. Organic assemblages from as early as the Iron Age have been uncovered in dry and/or frozen contexts, reflecting ancient lifeways that were very much reliant on domestic [...]

Survival Mongolian class registering until May 13

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ACMS has started "Survival Mongolian" course for beginners, and our May session will be the second to last until our break in September. For those who have just arrived to Ulaanbaatar, the class gives a quick but thorough overview of the Mongolian language. If you're interested, please e-mail to sign up!