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Delger Borjigon

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Delger Borjigon RESEARCH TOPICS Mongolian Studies Library Science English Language Study Website Running Director, Mongolian Studies Section, Inner Mongolia University Library Senior Research Librarian(Professor), Inner Mongolia University Teacher, Information Searching, Mongolian Language, Teaching English in Mongolian Researcher, Mongolian Studies

Chisato Fukuda Calvert

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Chisato Fukuda Calvert, Ph.D. Operations Associate, Impact Experience Over the past two decades, air pollution has become a seasonal disaster in Ulaanbaatar, prompting widespread concerns about bodily harms. These concerns have promoted various investments to document air pollution’s effects, from monitoring technologies, interactive pollution maps, [...]

Bryan Miller

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Bryan Miller, PhD Research Associate, History Faculty, University of Oxford (UK) Research Affiliate, Department of Archaeology, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History (Germany) Bryan K. Miller received a M.A. in Archaeology from UCLA and a Ph.D. in East Asian Civilizations from the [...]

Thalea Stokes

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Thalea Stokes Doctoral Student, University of Chicago My doctoral research examines the kinds of communities and traditions created among Mongols in Mongolia and Mongols in China facilitated by hip hop music culture. Specifically, I am interested in exploring what appears to be a pointed relaxing [...]

Kelly Cluer

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Kelly Cluer Currently Greenfield Exploration Director at Kinross Gold Corp. ACMS Member Past President of Geological Society of Nevada Member Geological Society of America Member Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits Fellow of Society of Economic Geologists National Member of The Explorers Club My main research [...]

Over 500 Books Donated by ACMS Member, Blake Epstein

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Thanks to the generous donation from our wonderful member Blake Epstein, ACMS was able to distribute over 500 English-language academic books to schools located in Mongolia. ACMS identified ten schools that follow a Cambridge curriculum, and could therefore benefit from the use of these books that cover subjects like physics, calculus, and algebra. The schools received [...]

Attila Rákos

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Attila Rákos Research fellow Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest Department of Mongolian and Inner Asian Studies Research Centre for Mongolian Studies Main research topics: Mongolian dialects (especially Oirat), history of Mongolian language, Oirat script and its monuments, relation of written and spoken languages RESEARCH TOPICS Mongolian [...]